ATPC16527 Firefighter Part I and Part II
The purpose of the Firefighter I & II course is to educate, prepare, and provide an opportunity for persons with the desire to become skilled in firefighting techniques. By successfully completing all seventeen performance objectives of the program, students will be prepared to take the State of Florida Firefighter I & II examination.

This Firefighter I & II certification course is a mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging program that takes heart, focus, dedication and perseverance to achieve. This program includes extensive classroom and practical elements in conjunction with the numerous hours of self-study.
Registration is an online process and will require both uploads and information to be completed in the automated system.  Please follow all directions to ensure your successful enrollment in the fire program. 

The registration process for Firefighter I & II will require you to upload completed documents and pay all application fees to begin the application review process. Students are not considered enrolled until the Class Manager has reviewed the application and deemed it complete.  

Students will be notified upon successful completion of all registration documents.


You will be asked to upload completed copies of the following documentation during the application process.  Please have all information on hand!  Incomplete applications will be denied.  

In addition to finding the forms utilizing the links in the description, you can also find the forms on the CSRIPS website under Resources|Documents & Forms.

  • Physical Ability Test (PAT).  The PAT is a mandatory entry requirement of Firefighter I & II and is NOT included in the Firefighter I & II registration.   There are at least 4 PAT’s offered during the academic year.  PAT registration periods are open all year round and are not term specific meaning you can complete at PAT without registering for a Firefighter I & II class.   The PAT is valid for 1 year from the date of successful completion.  Please click here to register for an upcoming PAT.   If you have not previously completed a PAT you will need to register for the PAT while registering for a Firefighter I & II class.
  • Passport size photo (Head shot on plain background.  Due by tuition and needs to be uploaded to your student profile.)
  • FCDICE (click here for instructions)
  • SSN
  • Medical Examination (Click here for form.  Student must utilize this form and have it signed by a Florida physician.  Medical form is valid for 6 months and must be valid on Day 1 of class.)
  • Tobacco Affidavit (Click here for the form.  It must be notarized.)
  • Paramedic, EMT or EMR (Emergency Medical Responder)
    • Please read this carefully.  You will need to upload a copy of your Paramedic or EMT license or your Certificate of Completion for EMT.  If you have completed EMT and have your Certificate of Completion, you may challenge the EMR exam.  If you have not attended EMT you will need to complete the one day EMR class (click here to register).    A copy of the EMR Certificate of Completion will need to be uploaded once you complete the class.
  • Florida Drivers License (Student must be 18 years old to take the State test for Certification.  A birth certificate is acceptable if you do not have a Drivers License.)
  • Diploma (High School, College, Transcript, GED are all acceptable.)
  • Military Veterans (if applicable)Student Enrollment Agreement
    • Copy of VA DD214 (Page 4)
    • Copy of VA Certificate of Eligibility
    • Copy of Official Transcript ;if benefits were used at a different school
    • Copy of VA Form 1990 or 1995


Background Check – You will need to complete a 2 step background process.  Upon being accepted into the program you will receive detailed information on how to complete these steps.  

Individuals who have been arrested or convicted for any crime are strongly urged to inquire directly of the licensing board in the jurisdiction in which they intend to practice.

 The following fees must be paid at the time of registration.
  •  Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee:   $45.00.
 The student should expect to also to pay the following:
  • Bunker Gear: Rental fees run from $400 to $800 for the entire duration of class.  
  • Fingerprint Processing:  Information will be provided after registration.
  • Optional: additional T-shirts: $15.00 each (price subject to change).
Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety has partnered with IFSTA to offer the most complete learning experience adding an online component to further enhance your experience and education. There is only one package to choose from. 

Package #1 – $100.00 ( FREE STANDARD SHIPPING)
       Essentials 7th Edition Print Manual     $73.95 
       Essentials 7th Interactive                      $ 26.05
Total $100.00

If the student would like to add an ebook they may do this during the purchase of the course package:
cost of the e-book is $ 73.95. There is not an e-book package.  

After registration you will be provided a custom link on how to purchase the books.
Be advised, if you choose the e-book option, you are authorized to bring your own laptop/iPad, etc…to access during class time..

The class you selected may be full or is not being offered at this time. Please continue to check back as spots may open.