This course, Firefighter Training, S-130 and Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, S-190, are required training for all personnel prior to certification as a Firefighter (FFT2) under the Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide (PMS) 310-1. this course. This entry-level course for all new firefighters can also be used as a refresher course for returning firefighters. The purpose of this course is to train new firefighters in basic firefighting skills. Firefighters who successfully complete this course and the Work Capacity Test are qualified to suppress wildland fires while under close supervision.

Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior, S-190 is a six- to eight-hour course designed to meet the training needs of a Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) on an incident as outlined in the Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide,requirements for the participating agencies of the National Wildfire Cooperating Group (NWCG).

Session ID: S130/ S190/L180 Wildland Firefighter
Dates: Oct 5, 2020 - Oct 9, 2020
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