ATPC3530 Live Fire Training Instructor I
Course Description:  This curriculum is designed to deliver a comprehensive live fire training program, within a safe and controlled environment, in accordance with NFPA 1402, NFPA 1403, and NFPA 1500. Both lecture and practical will be used allowing participants to apply knowledge of the above standards to training activities.

The last day of the course will encompass a live fire training burn that will have the students involved in all of aspects of setup and delivery of an NFPA 1402, 1403 compliant live fire training scenario.

FFII certified and Current Fire Service Instructor 1

CEUs: 40
  • Duration - 45 hours
  • Dress - Station Uniform (long pants, t-shirts)
    • Bunker gear and SCBA mask and bottle (at least 1) required for last day of class.
    • Students must bring a laptop or tablet to class.
  • Book - The Live Fire textbook ISBN: 9781284140729 (c) 2019 


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