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The Application Process


You are completing the online application for the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety's Paramedic program. Upon successful completion of this program you will receive a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to take the NREMT-Paramedic.

This application is 3 pages and the student is required to complete all three.
Page 1: Paramedic Application (this page).
Page 2: Select the class start date.
Page 3: Application payment.

All students are required to complete this application along with paying the application fee.

Please be advised you are entering into a binding contract with the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety.

Applications will not be reviewed without a paid application fee. If the application fee is not paid, your application will be set to incomplete and you will risk the class being sold out.

The email you identify in this application will be used as the primary means of communication, including informing you of your application status. Check your email regularly!

All applications are pending until they have been reviewed for accuracy and the student is notified of acceptance. Students will be notified of acceptance or denial during the Notification Period. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the dates of the Notification Period.

Thank you for choosing the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety as your educational provider.

Did You Do Your Due Diligence?

Deciding to enroll at the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety to pursue your dream of becoming a Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic in the State of Florida is a huge step. This is a para-military organization that will require you to excel on every level in order to achieve success. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and sacrifice to achieve your career goals. On our website, we have taken measures to assist you in choosing the right class that makes the most sense for you. Please be sure you review it carefully in order to understand what will be expected of you.

The Program Catalog and Student Reference Guide is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the CSRIPS website when you hover on the About Us tab. It is up to you, the student, to review the catalog and understand the refund policy, the code of conduct and rules and regulations you will be held to.

Student Information

If you are a returning student, please enter the primary email you have on record. A different email will cause a duplicate record to be created and may delay your application in being processed.

Please be sure to enter your legal name (no nicknames). Your middle name is required by the State. If you do not have a legal middle name, please enter None.

Emergency Contact Information

If the event of an emergency, who should we notify?

Parent/Guardian Information

If you are under the age of 18, please complete the following information.


This list is not all inclusive. Upon applying for the Paramedic program and the close of the registration period, students will receive emailed instructions on clinical and ride along rotation documentation and a rules and regulations review. Both of these will have documented due dates that must be met otherwise the student will be subject to disciplinary actions.

If the student has not yet achieved their EMT License, they must upload a copy of their EMT Certificate of Completion. If the student does not upload at least a copy of their Certificate of Completion, they will not be accepted into the program. The student will be emailed and notified the specific date by which they must achieve their EMT License. If that date is not met, the student will be removed from the program.

Flu season is considered to run from October 1 thru April 30. The hospitals the student complete their clinicals with require all students to have a current flu vaccine on file. The flu vaccine cannot be given prior to August 15 in order to be considered valid for the upcoming flu season.

You can upload your NREMT cert if you are waiting on your state cert)


CPR Requirements

All students are required to hold a valid BLS Healthcare Provider card issued by the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety. If your card is not valid, you will be required to register for and complete the BLS Healthcare Provider course BLS Healthcare Provider course no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

If you are in possession of a valid BLS Healthcare Provider card issued by the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety, please upload a copy of the card (both sides in a single PDF upload) here along with the issue date. You must have a valid card for the duration of class. If your card expires during class, you will be required to attend another BLS Healthcare Provider class conducted by CSRIPS to receive a valid card.


It is the responsibility of the Chief Training Officer to ensure the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA provides civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. These rights are parallel to those rights that have been established by the federal government for women and minorities. A qualified individual with a disability cannot be denied admittance to participation in or benefit from goods services, facilities, programs, privileges, advantages, or accommodations at the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety.

If a student enrolls in CSRIPS and he/she has a disability, it is the responsibility of the student to indicate they possess an IEP on this application. Only Transition IEP's from a school district are accepted. IEP's must be declared at the time of application and there is no guarantee that accommodations can be granted. A review with the Chief of Training and Accreditation Coordinator will be conducted prior to acceptance into the program. No IEP's will accepted after registration closes.

For further information regarding a student with an IEP, please refer to the Americans with Disabilities Act section of the Program Catalog and Student Reference Guide on the website.

Even though you are applying for the Paramedic program, please keep in mind there are Special Requirements outlined in the Program Catalog and Student Reference Guide for the Firefighter I & II program. Although not specifically tested for prior to admission, these requirements are directly related to the job of a Firefighter. Further job requirements and restrictions can be found at on the website of the Division of State Fire Marshal.

Student Enrollment Agreement

Students will be provided the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) through their MyCSRIPS student portal once they are accepted. The SEA must be accepted in order for the student to complete the registration process. This document will reiterate the Refund Policy, withdrawal procedures, transfers of credit, and communications which are all part of the Program Catalog and Student Reference Guide.

If the SEA is not accepted, your application will not be considered complete and you will not be enrolled.

Veterans Affairs

If you plan to utilize your GI benefits, you are required to complete this section. If you have attended another school and have used your VA benefits, you must upload a copy of your transcript. If you have not used your benefits, you must upload a copy of your Joint Service Transcript.

If the VA benefits do not fully cover the tuition and fees, the student is responsible for the remaining balance.

If coming from another school

If you have not used your benefits before

Payment Options

If you are not using VA benefits, please indicate how you will be satisfying your financial obligations.

If you are not using Florida Prepaid, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Cashiers Check or Money Order. Cash, American Express and Discover are not accepted.

Release and Waiver


In consideration for my acceptance to a training, testing, and/or educational program at the City of Coral Springs, I agree to sign this Release and Waiver. Accordingly, I agree to unconditionally release, waive, and discharge the City of Coral Springs, its Commission members, employees, agents, and servants, all hereafter referred to as “releases,” from all claims and causes of action, that I, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, may have for any loss, damage, or injury to person or property, whether caused by the negligence, or otherwise of the releases in connection with my participation in any training, testing, and/or educational program at the City of Coral Springs. In addition, I agree to indemnify completely, the releases against all claims, demands, made by or on behalf of me in relation to my participation in any training, testing, and/or educational program and all causes of actions arising out of my own actions or involvement with the City of Coral Springs.

The physical requirements for the training, testing, and/or education program that I want to participate in have been explained to me and I certify and warrant that I am in good health and physical condition and able to participate in all activities that may be required. I also understand that I may come into contact with hazards, including but not limited to, blood borne pathogens, fire, and hazardous chemicals that may cause great bodily injury or death. I fully realize and appreciate the foregoing risks and freely and voluntarily accept those risks. Additionally, I agree to adhere to the applicable rules and regulations of the City of Coral Springs.

In addition, I authorize the City of Coral Springs or its agent to conduct a required criminal background check. I understand and authorize the City of Coral Springs to disclose this information to any and all clinical sites I may be involved with during my education at the City of Coral Springs. I understand and agree that I may be denied entry into the program, or removed from the program, due to an unacceptable criminal background, as determined by the City of Coral Springs, in their sole discretion.


I expressly agree that this Release and Waiver is intended to be as broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Florida, and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding, continue in full force and effect.

Photo Video Audio Release and Waiver

I hereby confer on the City of Coral Springs the absolute, irrevocable right and permission to use my image, and/or my child's image, in City media that includes but is not limited to print, digital or video format, for the purposes of public information, historical documentation, and/or promotion of City events and activities. I give my consent freely, with the understanding that no remuneration of compensation will be forthcoming.

Additional Information

Please complete the following information to better assist us.

Thank You

Thank you for completing your online application for the Paramedic program.

You will move to the class selection and then application payment screen. Your application fee is required to process your application. As a reminder, your application will not be reviewed and you will risk the class selling out if you do not make payment right away.


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