Training Site Application

Tell Us About Yourself - The Main Point of Contact

This is a group of instructors and/or physical site with any two (2) of the following:
• Has own equipment
• Develops, advertises and conducts most, if not all, courses at a location separate from the TC
• Is a separate business, organization, etc. from the TC
• Has a Training Site Coordinator

The major difference between the Training Site and the Independent Instructor is the number of employees and students. A Training Site will have more than one instructor and the rosters can never have less than 3 students but can exceed 6 students.

Tell Us About Your Business

Should your application be accepted, you will be required to submit an Instructor Roster on your Alignment Agreement.

including TCFs

Thank You

Submitting this application does not constitute a binding agreement. This is only an application.

Thank you for requesting alignment with the City of Coral Springs Training Center. Upon submittal of this application, the Training Center Coordinator will review your application and respond back to you. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.

Should you be accepted, you will be required to complete a Training Site Alignment Agreement in which you will complete detailed information about your business, your materials, and your equipment. You will have a 72 hour window in which to complete the agreement before it expires.

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